About …  

At Scoop & Save Health Foods our motto is:

“So much more than a bulk food store”

Here is why.

So much more – service

  • At Scoop & Save Health Foods, personalized service is an every customer event. Why? Because the staff pay attention to details. Everyone is welcomed and as relationships are established this will often include your name, your condition or other personal issues you may have shared.

So much more – selection

  • At Scoop & Save Health Foods we literally shop the world for you. We have dozens of different suppliers, some mainstream and others that are very unique. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will do our very best to find it and bring it in for you.

So much more – attention to local

  • At Scoop & Save Health Foods we are excited to be a part of the local economy. We presently have about 30 different local companies selling their good in our store.

So much more – education

  • At Scoop & Save Health Foods we think that education is the key to taking control of your health. Seminars, courses and training sessions keep us up to date on the latest trends and the best treatments for you our customers. We also provide in-store demos to help our customers better understand particular products.

So much more – family 

  • At Scoop & Save Health Foods we have all worked together for so long it is hard not to feel like family. And our customers, some who have been faithful for over 35 years just naturally fit in.

So much more – integrity

  • All of the above attributes contribute to our integrity at Scoop & Save Health Foods