Why is heart attack the number one killer in this country? Ninety-nine percent of doctors say it’s due to atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) and that cholesterol lowering drugs are the primary way to treat it. But I suggest nat­ural solutions that could save thousands of North Americans from coronary attack.


Years ago Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Noble Prize winner, was ignored for reporting that large amounts of vitamin C and lysine are needed to prevent coronary attacks. Vitamin C is required to manufacture healthy collagen, the glue that holds coronary cells together, just like mortar is needed for bricks. Lysine, like steel rods in cement, makes col­lagen stronger. Pauling claimed it takes a mere 10 milligrams to prevent scurvy, but several thou­sand to prevent heart attack.

Williams Stehbens, Professor of Anatomy at Wellington Uni­versity in New Zealand, proved Pauling was right. Stebhens’ research showed that coronary arteries closest to the heart are under the greatest pressure. This causes collagen to fracture resulting in the formation of a blood clot and death.

Dr. Sydney Bush, an English researcher, has now proved that vitamin C can reverse atherosclerosis. Bush took retinal photographs and then started his patients on high doses of vitamin C and lysine. One year later additional pictures showed atherosclerosis had regressed in retinal arteries.


Fifteen years ago following my own coronary attack, cardiolo­gists claimed it was sheer mad­ness for me to refuse cholesterol-lowering drugs (CLD’s). Instead, knowing the research of Pauling, Stehbens and Bush, as well as the side-effects of CLD’s, I decided to take high doses of vitamin C plus lysine with breakfast and the evening meal.

But to take large doses of vita­min C and lysine requires swal­lowing many pills daily. It’s a tall order for those who dislike swallowing one pill. Now Medi-C Plusis available at health food stores. The dosage for the Medi- C Plus combination is one flat scoop with breakfast and the evening meal. Those at greater risk should take one flat scoop three times a day. If high doses cause diarrhea, the dose should be decreased.

This column does not recom­mend that those taking CLDs should stop them. This is a deci­sion that can only be made by patients and doctors. As for me – I bet my life on it and I’m glad I did! I am 90 this year!