Viking Naturals Moisturizing Creme
SIGLARR Viking Naturals was initially developed for our four kids involved in competitive swimming.
As any concerned parent I wantred to find a safe, natural moisturizing cream that would help heal and protect their skin from theharsh water they trained in every day. Many creams contained additives/alcohol or a list of ingredients I was not comfortable with so I decided to make one myself. I wanted it to be organic with only 4 clean, natural ingredient: (extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, pure bees wax ando rganic lavender).
Upon many years of testing on our family, friends and neighbors we discovered the many benifits of SIGLARR for the skin.
It's great for the entire body and face and as an extra bonus can be used around the eyes as a makeup remover (coconut oil breaks down mascara).
The high quality oils used to make SIGLARR act as a barrier to water, seal in the skin's natural moisture and leaves the skin feeling soft and young lookiing.
In our new formula (pink label) we have added rose oil (in place of the lavender) for sundamaged skin, skar tissue and age spots ... also safe for breast feeding mothers.


And now more. Check out Siglarr Viking Glacier Cream