A Huge Medical Myth

   A 10 year study from the Harvard Medical School reports that multi-vitamin therapy has no effect on coronary heart disease. As a graduate of HMS I found this report disturbing. It was a waste of money on a study doomed to failure. Of course it would have no effect on heart attack as multi-vitamin pills contain  only small amounts of vitamin C and no lysine.  
     I contacted the lead researcher and advised him that Dr. Sydney Bush, an English researcher, has proven that high doses of vitamin C and lysine can not only prevent, but also reverse narrowing of coronary arteries. These facts have been reported in my column and that  Medi-C Plus, a powder containing high doses of vitamin C and lysine, is now available in health food stores. It's now the best selling product of Preferred Nutriiton. Medi -C is going to save many people from coronary attack amd stroke.
    I'm sure you're wondering why a prestigious medical school would be unaware of this research. It's primarily because Dr. Bush is not well known. If his research had been the product of The Harvvard Medical School it would have made headlines around the world. So it's unfortunately a slow process to make North Americans aware of this outstanding discovery. Bush should get the Nobel Prize in Medicine.