Every 100 million years or so, nature reveals a therapeutic agent so incredible that medical researchers—and the people that try it—are astounded by its health enhancing benefits. Humate is such an agent.

Humate, a rich organic compound composed of the biodegraded and compressed remains of ancient tropical rain forests, is believed to be the most important nutrient discovery of the century. Humates contain high levels of bioavailable organic acids like humic acid and fulvic acid, which are largely responsible for their life enhancing effects.

Humates derived from ancient ‘freshwater’ sea beds are the most biologically diverse and powerful of all humates. Agricultural civilizations have relied on ancient sea beds as vital fertilizers for soil and ultimately, for providing nutrient-rich foods and healing nutrients. Through numerous scientific studies, we now know that the intricate matrix of naturally occurring organic acids and alkalizing minerals locked away in prehistoric freshwater plant material can have a direct beneficial effect on the body.

LeafSource is one of the most exciting humate-containing products ever seen. With over 70% of its content coming from humic acid, LeafSource is the most powerful humic acid formula available today—period! LeafSource also contains proteins, macro & micronutrients, organic carbon compounds and enzymes.

Unfortunately, most humic/fulvic acid supplements contain relatively small amounts of these organic acids. One of the main reasons for this, is because many humate formulas are derived from relatively "young" sources (thousands of years as opposed to millions), whereas LeafSource is derived from a 100% certified organic freshwater geological formation that is 100 million + years old. Thus the elements in LeafSource are in a "fossilized form" and as such are readily available for use by the digestive system. Other formulas have not gone through sufficient stages of decomposition, and therefore a large portion will simply be wasted and passed through the digestive tract.

Observations from over 10 years of University Research indicate that LeafSource is completely safe and effective for everybody, does not interfere with any medications and contributes to:

  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Increased nutrient availability—vitamins, minerals and micronutrients
  • Decreased viral activity—great for colds, flu, cold sores and shingles
  • Greater detoxification—by binding to and eliminating heavy metals
  • Increased number of probiotics (good bacteria)
  • Lower pathogenic bacterial counts 
  • Healthier bones—decreased urinary calcium excretion
  • Reduction in pain and inflammation—reduces inflammation by over 104%
  • Healthier immunity—increase in T-lymphocytes—the premiere cellular immune defense system—by 43% after 60 days and an increase in total White Blood Cell count by 30% after 60 days
  • Shorter healing times—increase in Neutrophils—white blood cells required to fight infections—by 123% after 60 days
                                                              60's - $29.99  Bonus Bottle 120's $47.99

I’ve been taking 15+ Tylenol with Codine every day now for many many months to help with my pain. In Recently I was approached by someone who suggested that I try Leaf Source. I have tried everything, Lakota, Glucosamine as well as SierraSil but decided to try Leaf Source anyway. The results were immediate to my surprise. It has now been a month, and I have told several friends with different problems about my results and they area now avid users as well. No product will do everything for everyone, but Leaf Source for me means more energy, a great nights sleep and no more back problems. All three I can never remember having.

-         L.C. Winnipeg, MB