Jog and Live Longer

May 3, 2012

   Good news for joggers. The Copenhagen City Heart Study, started in 1976, compared 1,116 male and 762 female joggers with a similar group of non-joggers. Researcher Peter Schnohr reported in Dublin that jogging extended the lives of men by 6.2 years and women by 5.6 years. All that was required was running one to two and a half hours a week at a slow pace.

   I have no way of disputing the accuracy of this report, but jogging sure beats being a couch potato. It's my personal view that walking in all probability carries the same benefit as jogging. However, I have no way to prove this remark. But I do know that too many joggers end up with hip and knee replacements many years before non-joggers need them.

   Remember that longevity depends on many factors such as obesity, diabetes and most likely a little luck in heredity. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that at birth we have just so many heart beats then we die.