How to use your hydroponic Sprout Grower

Place 3 tablespoons of Mung beans onto the stainless steel screen. Rinse them under a tap. Spread them evenly over the screen carrier. Pre-soaking is not necessary. Place sufficient high alkaline purified water (7.2 to 7.5 PH)*in the plastic dish (about 1 cup) to touch the bottom of the beans now ready to sprout. It may be necessary to press down the centre of the screen so it is completely flat.  NEVER cover the beans and seeds with water. Place the dome cover over them to collect the heat and humidity during the birth cycle.  Approximately 12 hours later pour out the afterbirth (colored water).  Rinse the beans and replace with clean fresh water. During the first rinse (about 12 hours after starting) gently move the seeds / beans around on the top of the screen with your fingers, this will stop the growth of the root through the screen which makes cleaning easier. Replace the water and do this again every 12 hours, which means you will change water twice before eating them.  You can start eating them when the sprout is as long as the size of the bean, which is usually in the first 24 to 36 hours. Other smaller seeds may have to be soaked in a cup overnight to make them swell before placing them onto the screen. The plastic dome forms a humidity chamber and, because of its light weight, insures that impurities can be released and at the same time speeds up the germination. Remove all the sprouts from the dish. They are ready to eat or to be placed in the refrigerator in a glass container with a cover.
We recommend eating one or two tablespoons of sprouts first thing every morning with a glass of high alkaline 7.5 to 9.5 PH water. Have some with lunch and/or mix some into a salad or a smoothie.

  • We recommend using 3 drops of ConcenTrace ionic minerals to raise the PH of your water. Check our facebook page for details.

 Sprouter is guaranteed for life but NOT dishwasher safe!
For maintenance of the sprouter: The SCREEN is easily cleaned with a brush and may also be put into the dishwasher. Occasionally they may be cleaned with the green scour pads when mineral deposits accumulate. DO NOT PUT THE PLASTIC IN THE DISHWASHER.
The PLASTIC is heat sensitive. When there is a slight mineral deposit on the bottom part, it may be cleaned very easily using hot water, dish soap and a soft scrubbing pad. Rinse well to ensure that no soap is left on the plastic.