Get Your Partner To Examine “His” Breast

The vast majority of Canadians rarely associate breast cancer with men. So a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal will be a surprise to many that says more men die from breast cancer than testicular malignancy.

Males who do not carry the BRCA2 mutation have 0.1 percent lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. But for males carrying this gene, there is an 80 fold increased lifetime risk of this malignancy.

75 percent of men with breast cancer have a palpable mass around the nipple which may be associated with pain, nipple discharge and eventually ulceration. And compared to breast cancer in women, the diagnosis in men is made at a more advanced stage. So like women, men should learn to regularly check the nipple area for masses. 

The diagnosis is made by mammography and ultrasound and all suspicious masses should be biopsied.

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