Long-Term Cholesterol Drug Use Increases Cancer Risk

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote 500 years ago , “Nature Never Breaks Her Own Laws”. He meant that if you attempt to alter the physiology of the human body, expect unintended consequences. After all, it’s taken nature millions of years to figure out how much we need of cholesterol and other natural products. And cholesterol is a component of all cells.

It’s long been suspected that cholesterol-lowering drugs (CLDs) have been linked to pancreatic, colon, prostate and kidney cancer. Now a report in the journal Cancer Epidemiology says that women who take CLDs 10 or more years have double the risk of developing breast cancer.

An association does not imply CLDs cause breast or other malignancies. We all arise in the morning and the sun also arises. It’s an association that means nothing.  But adding up all the unintended consequences of CLDs, you have to start thinking that Leonardo Da Vinci had a valid point. It’s potentially dangerous to tinker with human physiology.