Another Way To Lose Weight

U.S. researchers asked 1,000 men and women to record everything they ate at home and in restaurants for one week. Those of normal weight averaged 550 calories per meal at home and 825 in restaurants. People who were overweight or obese on average consumed a typical meal at home of 625 calories and they gobbled up 900 calories in restaurants.
   Those overweight also ate their meals more quickly at home than in restaurants. In addition, they felt more full from previous meals than those of normal weight.
   Researchers also collected nutrition facts on 28,000 dishes from 245 restaurants. The typical starter contained 700 calories, the entree 590. This did not include the side dish of 219 calories, salad with dressing 760, non-alcoholic drink 360 or dessert 335 calories.
   Do the math and it's easy to conclude if you want to lose weight, eat at home.